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In May 2016 Lumel Studios opened in Whitehorse, Yukon. The glass blowing studio in downtown Whitehorse with a crew that included four glass blowing artists, a student engineer, a student astrophysicist, an Australian tourist, a hitch hiker from Quebec, a sculpture instructor from Louisiana, a ceramic artist from Alberta, two first nations youths – one from the Yukon and one from Alberta, a retired carpenter/sled dog musher, and a nursing student. This diversity in our building crew resulted in a studio built with substance and a powerful spirit and communal presence.

The ‘community studio’ moniker is not taken lightly. Lumel Studios was built for all ages and all socio-economic classes . We have 5 year-olds, 100 year olds and all ages in-between fully creating glass pieces on our benches – they walk and wheel in.

Lumel is thriving in the Yukon and the biggest reason for our success is our culture of inclusivity. An inclusivity that began with the diverse building crew and continues every day with the people that enter our studio. Together, all of us, both the healthy and the weak, create something lasting and strong.

Contact Information
Contact Person: Luann Baker-Johnson
Phone: 867-633-2308
101 Keish Street, Whitehorse, YT, Canada Y1A 0P1