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Our Vision for Northern Policy Analytics.

Northern Policy Analytics (NPA) is a community-inspired applied policy and research consulting firm based in the Yukon and Saskatchewan.

Founded by Drs. Ken Coates and Greg Finnegan in response to rapidly changing conditions and opportunities in the Canadian North, NPA recognizes that Northern and Indigenous communities often experience poorer educational outcomes, higher unemployment rates, receive fewer public goods and services, and lack the economic stability needed to optimize community well-being and quality of life. Yet these communities are often located in direct proximity to some of Canada’s most valuable natural resources, resulting in both opportunity and conflict.

In recognition of such disparities, Northern Policy Analytics is presently focused on providing research and planning services to Indigenous communities of Northern Saskatchewan and Yukon. We address both policy and economic development issues and strive to effectively bridge the gap between Indigenous communities and settler government agencies by supporting community and economic development planning, grant writing, facilitating meetings, and by supporting entrepreneurship and the development of businesses in the region.

NPA also helps communities marshal the information and resources they require to improve community and economic outcomes, while mitigating the impacts of colonialism and the over-arching resource extraction sector that dominates the regional economy.

Contact Information
Contact Person: Lucile Fressigne
Phone: 581-777-7190
Suite 201-212 Main Street, Whitehorse, YT, Canada Y1A 2B1